A micro bus used for transportation for few number of passengers of 17 seats, it is suitable for small companies and can be used in side roads and crowded places. It can also can be used for school transport and for public transportations.

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Type of Vehicle Micro bus on full chassis
Chassis Type JAC HFC6560KYD3
Manufacturer Body: GB Polo
Model 4 Tonners
Version GLS
Main Dimensions  (mm.)
Wheel Base  2800
Overall Length  5400
Overall Width  2040
Overall Height  2700
Front overhang  1270
Rear overhang  1330
Saloon Height (at centre)  1810
Height of first step  360
No. of Passenger seats  16 + driver
Luggage Volume  0.2 m3
Body Features  
Passengers Doors  
No. of doors  1 in RHS behind front axle
Type of door  Foldable
Operation  Manually
Front Area Doors  
No. of doors  1 for driver LHS & 1 for courier RHS
Type of door  Out swing
Operation  Manual
Passengers Stair Case  
No. of stair cases  1
No. of steps in stair case  2 steps (height: 220 mm. each)
Material  Steel, covered with vinyl
Windows and Glazing (windshield : Transparent)  
Side windows  Sliding type
Side glass  Toughened T.S.G. 5 mm.
Side glass  colour Water Transparent
Windshield  Laminated L.S.G. 7mm. (1 part, fully
Rear screen  Toughened T.S.G. 5 mm, same colour of side glass
Front sun blinds  1 in full width, manual rolling
Passengers Seats  
Type  Fixed high seat back, covered with artificial leather, without arm rest
Width of double seat  800 mm without aisle side arm rest.
Width of seat cushion  400 mm.
Depth of seat cushion  410 mm.
Height of cushion  450 mm.
Driver Seat (with three points seat belt)  
Type  Mechanically adjustment
Courier Seat (with three points seat belt)  
Type  Fixed high seat back, covered with artificial leather
Material  Semi-rigid GRP
Instruments and gauges  Standard JAC instrument panel
Air Conditioning  
Type  Auto cool, free flow
Cooling Capacity (Kw/hr)  13.4, 12V
Refrigerant  HFC 134a
Exterior lightening  
Description  Standard exterior lightening
Interior lightening  
Saloon lighting  2 (30 cm.) fluorescent lamps in center of roof , in addition to 2 front lamps for driver & courier
Step-well light  1 lamp for stair case
Type  2 blades horizontal, electrical (3 speeds)
Type  Electrical
Driver Mirrors  
Rear view side mirrors  2 manual controlled
Saloon mirror  1 in board
Audio System  
Description  Radio cassette & speakers at saloon and driver area
Side finishing  
Description  MDF 3 mm
Roof finishing  
Description  MDF 3mm
No. of partitions  1 behind driver with separator & 1 in RHS (left of passenger entrance)
Roof handrails  
Description  None
Type  Powder type
Capacity  6 kg.
No. off  1
Location  Behind driver
Towing eyes  
Front towing  U bolt & pin type
Rear towing  U bolt & pin type
Description  Wheels nut wrench, spare wheel m/c rod, hydraulic jack, towing U bolt & pin, luggage flaps key, fuse box cover & tools bag
Wheel covers  
Description  4 Stainless steel wheels
Mud guards  
Description  4 wheel mudguards